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Refrigeratory transportation

Fresh Logic Ltd. offers the first for Bulgaria „cross – docking” service for the transportation of frozen and chilled products that responds to the needs of the national market.

We have our own diverse Fleet of over 90 specialized refrigerator trucks and vans with capacity of 1 to 20 tones, which transport daily your loads to every destination nationwide and to numerous European countries.  

Fresh Logic Ltd. offers major transportation services through:

         •    National transportation network
We have set up a network of efficient deliveries on the territory of Bulgaria and we have long term experience in its development and optimization.
We have developed and we offer individual packages of services according to the needs of our clients.
We offer daily deliveries to over 200 final destinations nationwide which gives an opportunity to load your goods at the most suitable moment for you and to deliver it to the consignee at the right moment chosen by you.
         •    Domestic transport - full truck load
We deliver your group loads under a temperature regime to every part of Bulgaria.
         •    Urban distribution
We also realize deliveries of food products within the cities to over 300 destinations for end sales all over the country –chain stores and traditional trade outlets. We have created and we follow optimal routes, dispatching and schedule for deliveries in order to deliver your goods right on time with minimal cost twenty-four-hour. 
         •    International transport and dispatching
We offer a full truck transport to a number of destinations in Europe.
         •    Transport planning an optimization

We have developed and implemented reliable procedures and engineering of the processes in the domestic and international transport that provide safe and qualitative execution of the contracts and agreements signed.

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