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High-Tech Automated Management

Logistics Company Fresh Logic Ltd. operates with a high-tech warehouse system that provides automated movement and distribution of pallets, warehousing, and control over the expiry date of the products. The entire equipment of the cold warehouse and frozen warehouse – construction, robots, software, mobile devices, equipment for conveyors – is delivered by the leading Spanish company Mecalux.

Our warehouse software has a complete control, guarantees precise follow-up of the warehouse operations being performed and reduces to minimum the probability of mistakes.

When a client files an order for the incoming goods in our logistic facility this order is being generated in the system and from there on we have the ability to follow-up:
•    tracking of the goods at any time
•    expiration date
•    quantity
When a client files an order for releasing the goods from our logistic facility the system automatically generates the necessary set of documents.
In order to make the entire working process fully automatic, a standard interface has been created connectable with any information system for business management to our automated warehouse.

The automated management is achieved through quality control both at the entrance and through the entire vitality of the goods that have been stored. We provide promising control over the incoming, storage and outgoing of goods in compliance with FEFO, FIFO and FILO.

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